Zoho CRM data consultancy


RDT SYSTEMS have a wealth of in house knowledge surrounding data, data storage and data manipulation.

We are out and out Zoholics! to date our entire business runs on Zoho with the exception of accounting. Zoho is much more than a Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  software – Zoho can run your emails, campaigns, customer data, quotations and inventory. With extensive use of high level reporting to ensure that those that need to understand the critical data in your organisation can do so, in a simple way. Zoho CRM is very easy to setup at a basic level, however fully understanding the extensive feature set and getting a return on your investment, can be time consuming and a drain to your current staff resources taking them away from running your business.
At RDT SYSTEMS LTD we offer comprehensive support for any Zoho product you want to work with right here in the UK.  Move the advantage and receive specialist CRM training and Zoho implementation from the Zoho team that will guide you through the typical mistakes often made when setting up a new or existing  CRM, Let us complement your in-house team or manage the entire project for you. 
To find out how we can help your CRM data work for you, and take advantage of our free consultation, get in touch – 01202 232904 or email us [email protected]

Capture leads from your website

Capture leads from your websiteTurn looks into leads. Seamlessly populate visitor data from your website into your CRM system. Publish spam-free forms and create time and context-sensitive contact strategies.

Improve your Workflow

Improve your WorkflowWrite your own rules. Simplify and streamline your sales processes based on your unique business needs. Automatically assign leads and customers to the reps best qualified to handle them.

Real-Time. Real-World.

Zoho CRM’s Opportunity Tracking tool gives you a current, comprehensive view of all your sales activities. Know where every customer is in the sales cycle, deal size, contact history, even competitor information to help craft more effective messaging. Dynamic Reports & Dashboards provide an easy, accurate read of everything going on.


PulseIdentify, target and follow-up on inactive leads. Use what you learn to refine and improve your sales efforts.


ForecastingLink data from the Opportunities Tracking tool to effectively set sales targets, track progress, and allocate resources to achieve your goals.

Know. Now.

Be in the know when on a call. Use Zoho CRM’s Business Card View to instantly get a detailed look at all pertinent customer information. No scrolling, no searching. The Notes Section also displays the time and content of past conversations, so you can make each call more personal and productive.



Reduce email clutter and focus only on what matters; Keep customers emails inside CRM.

Mail Merge

Mail Merge

Instantly create bulk Mail Merge documents – in either customized or standard templates.

Document Library

Document Library

Organize & share the latest marketing collateral with salespeople.

Social CRM

What’s the latest with your prospects and customers? Let them tell you. Link their LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles into your Zoho CRM system. Associate profiles to contacts or leads, send invitations to connect, view updates and share your comments.


CRM On-The-Go

Stay connected and up-to-date wherever you go. Zoho’s Mobile Edition gives you instant access to customer info and sales activity on your iPad, iPhone and Android devices.


CRM for Google Apps

Zoho CRM works seamlessly with Google Apps, making it easy to collaborate, communicate and share. Whether it’s Google Email, Docs, Contacts, Calendar or Tasks, everything’s tightly linked within your CRM account.



Extend CRM

Extend CRM

Custom Modules, API, Webhooks and Custom Functions


Market Smarter

Market Smarter

Campaigns, Email Marketing & Autoresponders.


Territory Management

Territory Management

Security Controls, Org. Hierarchy & Territories